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Who are the "illuminati"? Who is "the faithful and discreet slave"? But who is the real enemy? (11)

Gelletti Aldo, Trieste, Italy. 
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Who are the "illuminati"? Who is "the faithful and discreet slave"? But who is the real enemy? But between the two, fully or in part, which group of people will rule the world and impose by decree, or, who will rule the world with justice and love?

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Chapter 1: The "illuminati" and the true enemy of a frothy situation: 1-11 

1)-Is bad if weapons of mass destruction end up in the hands of terrorists or other ill-intentioned? However things go, between the bankers and the politics of the wild beasts, it is not that we are in good hands! Also, who is the real enemy and boss at the top of the pyramid at the international level, the so-called enlightened? And, probably, which will make mistake with governments and how to come to their end? 2)-The Kenedy President died at the time for an unknown sniper and witnesses heard not deliberately, but, today, someone might have thought about hiring some unknown sniper professional who face off at least some of these 5 international bankers and/or members of their families? (Of course, you would need a good plan). Unfortunately, almost every form of power is knocked down only after all the stage of the nation or nations has been violently shaken, probably, so will be well for the international bankers who rule the world and the Masons in their service within each nation, yes, speculators, and sometimes also "executioners" by the bank that capitalism often act according to his directive. Yes, one of the strongholds of the Jewish bankers, but not only: it keeps jealously attached to his work and/or well-paid role, we give you more in premiums under the table, work well on fear could hire anyone to do this, and, well as to punish, so, the bankers are able to subdue, not to know over the role and to silence all their subordinates from the highest ranks in the lower ones until you get almost to the everyday people. 3)-(One message to be retained as a possible witness!)Who is the real enemy and boss at the top of the pyramid at the international level. Obviously, leaving the corrupt policies of nations and to control this. Together or more of the same multinationals and other richest men in the world, are the two elements that are most pressing policy corrupt nations, bankers and multinational. What can I say? Fascist or right-wing or left-wing or Mussolini and/or Hitler or "Amas" or NATO or etc, etc,? In addition, for some, not unreasonably, Al Qaeda is equal to the CIA? One thing is certain: there is collusion between "5" international bankers and governments, CIA and military apparatus capitalists USA-UK and NATO countries and also between the CIA and International Terrorism useful for providing excellent pretexts. Today, there are more of these enemies, or at least, become scapegoats and awkward to get rid of. Probably not all of today's wars are fomented behind-the-scenes maneuvers well hidden by the international bankers and government in their "affiliates" or in cahoots, however, generally they create enemies, real or imaginary operating so as to affect domestic situations, for example, to a uncomfortable state and/or in a relationship between several nations, and looking to destabilize peace in different nations. Even Hitler with his wars and hatred of the bankers themselves did in their interests having pushed many nations to make war and having to produce weapons in large quantities. Today, especially and increasingly, being 5 bankers the real enemy, they tend to keep the most hidden and camouflaged possible thanks to hypothetical enemies. 4)-The international bankers Jews probably want to instill in the population also the belief of world domination by the line up. In their favor also benefits the apparent well-being technologies that bring in most of the world's population and the fact that they have hunger and other necessities, plus, with the propaganda in the media is that the network that maneuver and confuse and divide the masses giving the directive to governments in a very hidden and often through several stages. (But, wasting much of their time of life to work and having to pay a large part of their savings in low taxes and other things more expensive than necessary as gasoline, are subject, much of the world's population average and poor who did not do well accounts into which type of living or having no alternative system has been enslaved. A rich man who pays a lot of taxes, at the very least could work a little and stop wasting so much time for work, but often being the slave of his own thoughts and greed and ambition.)Yes, even by smaller banks and governments of the nations, they have made the world's population slave of a sneaky, unfair, based on consumerism and capitalism. The 5 have the interest of keeping the frothy domestic and international situation, and that the real bosses and enemies can not be, so to speak, identify. NOTE: For military commanders and traders traveling incurred by the secret services and the Masons being all one gang, did not like the politics of John Kennedy having been to the detriment of the war but in favor of the poor. Towards the end of the 50s John Kennedy, probably before he became U.S. president, had this to say: if all the American people were aware of what type of system and the powers of the U.S. and the foreign policy are governed, it would immediately burst the revolution. Yes, once you become president, the high powers needed to get it out as soon as possible, and as with so many other murders protracted by the military and Freemasonry, by devising the classic murder disguised in an accident, or, if necessary, as by the hand of an alleged insane which serves as a scapegoat tailored to the circumstances. Yes, as for Jerusalem between 66 and 70 AD, the same three-"four" strong powers, (the kings of the earth or current governments, merchants traveling and business agent, the false religions and the mass psychologies for peoples, and, "military commanders"), ruining the system and the nature from which they argue, they try destroying themselves with their own hands. The three-"four", being blinded and drugged as to: the irresistible desire of the shady deal and the maximum profit at the time, doing the lying propaganda to deceive superfine art to the masses and the people, and as well, they are tied in with their way of thinking the contract with the devil that have signed, though in part unconsciously, the contract which makes them feel confident and without too much fear, and well, thinking about the illegal income already acquired and as has become their right, right, in a similar way to what is already the case for some time within the Italian political that more and more taxes, fills now become more and more privileges as their right and honor. In addition, thanks to the frothy situation crafted by the enemy difficult to identify and already in the 60's, the murder of President Kennedy has not seen the real murderers punished and principals. NOTE: A king or a policy that respects should encourage people to think for themselves, to the awareness of their choices and wisdom both for politics and for spiritual things, but, today, such a policy type exist? But, the international bankers who, along with all the traveling merchants rule the world by being business brokers that affect the policies of nations, are supervised by the demons, the so-called aliens, but, despite being such, they are not living in the flesh from other planets and with technologies far more advanced than ours, but, being the rebellious spirits of the same substance of God, but in opposition to God the international bankers will have the protein from Satan until the end, that is, as for Hitler is dead, (even if they wanted, in fact can not conceiving their surrender to the Russians), the capitulation of Germany, so, in a similar way, the international bankers, merchants of arms, military commanders, etc, etc, they will die to decay of the world situation when the extrinsic value of the money will be cleared and after physically, if still alive, to direct hand of the angels loyal to God will destroy the present wicked system of things during the so-called Apocalypse. Yes, the international bankers do not have complete dominion over every nation in the world, but, being international, over most of the nations, thus having, however, most text on the whole scene of this world. It'difficult for these leaders can be killed at the hands of an unknown sniper, just as it was difficult to kill Hitler in advance, however, the end of the so-called illuminati-enlightened, ruled by demons on an intimate level, it is secure. At the limit, he could be killed one or two of these leaders bankers, but after someone in their family or among traders traveling would soon take their place, however, the revocation of the system during the great tribulation and destruction of the entire system evil things, the illuminati-enlightened will decay and die as the entire group of people who currently rule the world. NOTE: It would not be fair to say that today's military commanders are a power in its own right, since, taking as an example the Pentagon commanders receive this power from the kings of the earth which in this case would correspond to the government of the U.S. and UK, however, these soldiers do not live for only 4 or 8 years, moreover, being in close contact and collaboration with the intelligence, of course, as well as the President may be, but as well, with some of the powerful merchants traveling, including bankers and merchants weapons, these military commanders have much power at a practical level and action, and also have effective arms, and as well, effective strategies of war, guerrilla warfare, not absolved of direct and therefore also plot in secret to the confrontation direct, it being precisely their military commanders at the head of even the best strategists and instability and touts killings in the dark were uncomfortable working from behind the scenes (yes, this being the main topic of this post, in addition to the theme "Peace and security"). NOTE: When nature does not give its product, the international bankers will realize even at the level of their hearts that their money can not be eaten and that their power will then be almost completely decayed. The prosperity of some very wealthy, as bankers and other traders traveling, it might give an initial protection in the great tribulation, and yet, still a power to the alleged collusion of merchants traveling with military commanders and the kings of the earth, but, it will be a short-lived illusion then having them "irritated the apple of God."  
2)-5)-Usually wars are not targeted in the strict sense, but involve the population and those who have authority is often more protected. But when ever there will be a war targeted against the Jewish bankers and the evil powers on duty, among other things, helped by corrupt political obedient to them? The situation of the great tribulation, (right after the false cry of peace and world security achieved), at the end of Armageddon and the Apocalypse, is also erode their power and interests that, in the end, and for some, even their own life, however powerful they may have been up to recently. (Obviously, unless a total conversion by one or more of these Jewish bankers towards the true God). 6)-Yes, apart from the demonic influence on the close of the pivotal people already ill-disposed and greedy, you are not the align from another planet to rule the world, if ever, are the Jewish bankers had set up a whole number of situations to cause many people to believe or have doubts, however, over-exploitation of nature, peoples, countries and peoples poor but resource-rich, productive apparatus in general, but not only, will sink to the destruction of the Jewish bankers as well despite their wiles to maneuver in and make it look like and how they can be powerful and smart, politically speaking. From time up to now and again for a while, they create instability, giving emphasis to the negative traits of governments and uncomfortable leaders, foment wars mainly by pressing on both the U.S. and Russia and allies, earn much is due to the wars that the reconstruction after the war, speculating within nations with assistance by the Freemasons small and large, and possibly making a clean sweep by the bankers and politicians who do not align, favoring a policy for the provision of dirty energy, as it is easier to obtain additional income, and thus, enrich themselves and acquire more and more power, useful for forming the new world order, a well-camouflaged enemy in the midst of so many enemies buildings, alleged or that do not exist. Eventually, the false cry of peace and security, the banning of all false religions under the pretext of preserving the alleged peace just achieved, but behind the scenes, in part, thanks to the world order that will probably want to also get an additional profit and glory, but, politically, "Peace and safety" will be declared by the UN. Soon after, the immediate collapse of the entire political and economic system with the situation at the global level within each nation will escape immediately to hand to the world order of the bankers, now becoming maneuver both politics and international diplomacy. NOTE: Bankers Jews are not to be despised because they are mostly or all Jews, but, because of what they do at present, and their goal of world domination and, probably, with the presumption of being able to bring peace overall after earning so much from the many wars fomented in large part the most important to them, namely, the international bankers. They are drugged before for shady deals, then, by the power and the dupe and dominate the masses as if they were in the right and in the role of Almighty God, it is as if all the things that maneuver were the most absolute right ; them as a group of people can not change! The international bankers that he is allowed to rule the world are found mostly in the United States and in London, in fact, the USA-UK are the wild beast with two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon and the false prophet named to the singular among all the kings of the earth, today's governments. Officially, the Anglo American influence on the OUN which proclaim the false cry of peace and world security, immediately, the destruction of false religions, the expropriation of all their goods, but with the beginning of the great tribulation, and, a little later both the international bankers that governments will repent of having eliminated the religions, culture and creed and opium of many peoples. Although the international bankers because of their wealth and answered arrived to survive until the end of the great tribulation, however, would suffer the adverse judgment by God along with everything else that is still left of the nations: government, people, armies and remaining mostly institutions completely unrecoverable. The international bankers in Washington and London do not think that will forever hold the world situation under control thanks in part to the fact that they can deceive and manipulate the masses and to bribe and force governments to align themselves according to the wishes of the coming world order of bankers. After the elimination of religion and expropriation of assets of these, probably, with profit to the bankers as well, the same as traveling merchants, bankers including 5, they will repent bitterly starting soon to glimpse even their own demise along with the whole system from which depend. (After all, the desire to destroy the true religion will be a trap in both bankers and governments and their military forces). The delirium of the nations will be encouraged by the fact that many people, being dependent on the system as they are today already many and not the least, they will not be able to fend for themselves thus promoting the situation of raids among the population, and much more, considering then, agricultural land ruined and too unproductive and causes the apples to use and pollution. (If then there will also be a hand from God to favor the tribulation and hunger as a contributory cause, it is a different matter)NOTE: Knowing perfectly the nature of human behavior and groups of nations, as Satan would have exercised its influence to be as effective as possible enemy and being able to oversee events, and therefore, even when knowing the man would begin to make progress with current technology, which have greater impact on the environment, breathing in God his secretary John to prophesy concerning the traders traveling on the book of Revelation, probably, if the analysis is not wrong, even considered that as well, the technology, the "free" market, capitalism, globalization and the so-called democracy, really powerful, would have favored the arise, the rich and the potenziarsi of these entities, merchants traveling, as well as the nations themselves. (A speech that perhaps focuses too much on the negative? Even the prophet Elijah was despised to death by an evil king and by the people, and yet, according uttered truth). 

3)-7)-Although the Syrian government and the military have committed a crime against humanity, it was an internal matter that Obama's America may have used mainly as an excuse to push countries born to war, which agrees to the bankers, but, having done puttin China and opposition to NATO defense coming to Syria. Now, let's see if the bankers are able to convince the two sides of powerful nations to make war the same, but the fake process towards peace and security with commissioning of the uncomfortable part, is relentless and as well as for the appointed time will be there by the hand of God 8)-The bankers behind the scenes propose to remove the uncomfortable as the government of Syria not in line with the USA-UK through a global capitalism and Masonic, more wealth and more power, the new order world, the false cry of peace and security, incitement wrong from the point of view of eliminating political religions also to expropriate all the goods, and immediately, gradual and inexorable collapse of the system with the money that fall short of their full value extrinsic, yes, complete collapse of the world order just like the bankers brought down the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. 9)-Probably, Freemasonry is not a friend of the Mafia, however, both will live until the end of the wicked system of things ruled by Satan. 10)-the actual head of the International Monetary Fund, the U.S. President and other prominent members, may be only pawns governed by this intervener or coming new world order, drugged for shady deals and a power greedy and conceited. Peace is the port working on the hearts of the people and governments so that they learn the peace, not with malicious maneuvers behind the scenes in stabilizing the uncomfortable and by means of a capitalist politics and diplomacy that speaks of peace but which is based on the war. Bankers who controlled the world: your lie, then mumbled by politicians around a round table only form, it will fail and will be fully exposed to the light of the sun, and therefore, the false cry of peace and security, you world order, glory not, but fear more than your worst nightmare! 11)-Among the Masons can also be nice people and leading politicians or presidents with a good reputation and in appearance or in fact better than many others. 12)-As of 11 September 2001, for many destabilization, coups, massacres including that of women, men and children in Syria, there may have been Jewish international bankers who want to get rich and have more power at the same time executing a plan seemingly all-powerful, which eliminates the uncomfortable and bad, to proclaim a false peace, and, according to diplomats, founded more on interest, that the laws and principles of God for our good. From Adam and Eve to the cry of peace and world security proclaimed by the ONU, the man has always dominated his detriment on the basis of self-interest often at the expense of the right thing. 13) On September 11, 2001 clues and evidence in bulk: years before business between George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden, however, could not have been the instigator of Bin Laden. So much confusion on information to share but cahoots between politics and terrorism. Authorities knew that because the metro did not stop below the Twin Towers. Haywire all computers airports. Although U.S. lines, both the first and the second plane after 18 minutes, were not killed before the crash by the Air Force, normally an impossible thing even if it were of Italian aviation. Twin Towers insured by the owner who had bought just two months before September 11, 2001. Two servers in a large bank deposit located right in the two towers when the law would have to be miles apart. Nano-thermite found in the remnants of the two buildings, observing a particular connection, the collapse of the towers, were also observed on the flashes simultaneously at several levels, and therefore, the collapse of the two buildings on the perfectly perpendicular, one thing that the impact aircraft fuel burned in the fire could spread and cause. The morning of September 11, 2001, was not present in any individual Jewish culture, but as it happens, all the major international bankers at the apex of the pyramid are Jews, or perhaps, the thing is relative, almost everyone, in addition, there is evidence probably have been "silenced" or not made ​​to feel, both firefighters rescue that of other people who worked in the two buildings, from the first days until that morning, about men who were seen making holes in the walls and also found explosives, (used by the U.S. military), which were placed in multiple planes to the bearing structure at a little longer than the width within the overall square of the two buildings, taller than 400 meters. (Yes, it's amazing if you think about it, and having understood the skein, from which the heads and senior "supreme" systems we are governed: the peace process based on national interests is doomed to fail!)Most likely, if the planes were not driven from the ground, but, as broadcast media, hijacked by terrorists trained by the simulated flight, in part, the discussion on whether the Pentagon plane or missile, and about the difficulty to center a small entrance at ground level, moreover, having only done a little training, the hijackers may have been nothing more than to be deceived by a false religious extremist idea that by their own terrorist leader, in fact, in league with George W. Bush and the whole gang. Excellent excuse to promote the fight against terrorism and consequent formal union of nations against a common enemy. Excellent excuse for the continuation of resource wars. Contradictions and inconsistent information about the crash into the Pentagon. After 10 years become an important official South American magazine that the collapse was caused by the nano-thermite, (explosives used by the U.S. military), but, after 10 years since dropped the anger and discontent and interest, but immediately after, to mislead the misinformed and misguided already actual or alleged death and capture of Bin Laden, and a little later, even the claim by Al Qaeda. Yes, all a colossal pantomime, but, "in a suit and tie", and, not being over the list. In addition, a few months after September 11, remember the hypocrisy of Bush and interest to revive the business of airlines heavily penalized when just wanted to show that flying was no longer dangerous? Yes, behind all this there are both bankers that Bush and the CIA, more, good business for manufacturers and sellers of weapons, but not the latter being the major proponents of many of today's wars. So, how remote is the possibility that the instability in Syria and the government's retaliation to the death of many civilians has not been started right by the international bankers, the Freemasons and secret agents through an act to disguise their own in Syria? If it were the truth, since it takes the enemy, war and profit from the uncomfortable non-aligned is removed with more green light to the fake peace process, well, if all this is true I'm not surprised anymore. (E' useless that local politicians are still trying to mislead us about to September 11, 2001 being who is already more or less astray and those who do not.)   

4)-14)Over-all, and for sure, they are demons who want to push a good portion of people believe that aliens with superior technology and physical body to those of humans are going to dominate the earth towards a new order world, in fact, especially in the hands of the 5 families of Jewish international bankers, if they are wrong. The new world order led by the bankers, the Freemasons including many prominent political leaders, the false prophet USA-UK from which it receives power, etc, etc, is also an anti-Christ, that is, a something false and the double game that promises world peace, although so far behind the scenes, and who opposes or opposed to Christ, the only true bearer of peace loving and just. And then, like it or not, both Hitler and the international bankers in cahoots with the other traders traveling from 90, act in the role of Antichrist. 15)-One of the Freemasons and Satanists they can participate even lawyers and engineers who can meet at night in the bunker, in caves or in other places where the fire is less visible, there is a bond and several contacts, from which you can infer from what and from whom do you drive even the five families of so-called illuminati-enlightened ones who run the world thanks to the policies and diplomacy of interest. 16)-Despite the advance of the Russians and the Americans with pincer and already besieged Berlin, Hitler did not accept the capitulation and preferring that civilians would die with no one to surrender and/or deserting, as well, without listening to the advice and without consider that his armies were now powerless to act to repel. He preferred to die than to surrender to the Russians and many of his, even though they were advised to go off-sene, preferred to die not surviving. Being possessed, Hitler knew that Germany was divided by a certain time and that the world would be dominated by Jewish bankers. 17)-The Jewish international bankers, the five families, if I'm not mistaken, they could also instigate the kings of the earth, the current governments to ban all false religions. Today, there is already this will also archived for decades at the UN, but, after the false cry of peace and security Jehovah God put in the hearts of the rulers desire to eliminate all the false religions without fear or think about the consequences, in such maneuvers, there could be pressure from the bankers aforesaid for the purpose of obtaining profit and under the pretext of preserving and giving greater security to the newly achieved peace on a global level. 18)-In everyday life, more bureaucracy, more safety checks but most of all for profit, many privacy laws to favor the corrupt, more police state, all of which are partly favored by the new world order of the bankers who are rising. The people live badly, are exasperated and we're going to a false sense of security and peace, just think only of the many assaults, rapes, muggings, burglary, murder, vandalism, etc, etc, wars between nations often instigated massacres and to the hand of the wicked governments. 're Bringing you five nations in the delirium of the great tribulation and will soon become masters without much paper and so many more extrinsic value property with which you will not get anything even as you and your power and skill in governing the masses to incognito and pull the wires to move the policy, there will be a nice "goodbye" to the Mexican and like the Twin Towers that yourself, bankers, you shot down. 19)-Inside the Italian state, anti-money laundering laws or an excuse for greater profit to the banks as well not allowing you to do what you want with your money? And, what about the redditometro? Is also applied to items such as the Mason Mario Monti and the executives of the bank? And, what about the increase of a series of checks and obligations to adapt to them? And in the end, all the safety rules that change and renew themselves even from year to year? These things, controls the network and other things, also with regard to public policy, in part, may also come from international bankers who perhaps even now, if not for some time, presume to be able to bring peace in the world after speculated in long, wide and tall. The bankers, the top of the political powers and some 90 pieces of capitalism, would send you to extract energy from the moon in order to sell it at a high price and keeping the entire production system and the people in their yoke. A principle: politicians and bankers, (churches are not pleasing to God, etc, etc,), continuing to exploit the peoples, the poor countries and the economy in general and the nature, sooner or later, the bankers will gather in print paper suitable to throw into the fire. 20)-Thanks to the money, people and resources at their disposal, the Jewish international bankers could easily make sure of what is the truth about the scene of this world and what it takes to save himself and groped to save a part of the trouble in the world. 21)-the international and domestic situation, in part or indirectly favored by the international bankers: doors open to those who have a say, but closed to ordinary people as well from the publishers and newspapers, a lot of speculation increasingly widespread for each activity, privileges established in cahoots to no end and payroll for a few gold, but, pensions and starvation wages, or nearly so, to many, shady deals, refunds will not honest parties, prebande democracy and not protected by privacy laws made dock for caste and leaders, and then both at international and national levels, more and more gap between the rich and the poor, not uncommon, without the need to live decently, so, more and more discontent and increased crime to the detriment all, nothing more than the good project seemingly infallible by the Jewish international bankers, yes, that boast themselves well to have helped bring peace to the world through their speculations, wars and dismantling of uncomfortable non-aligned and with more and more pseudo security within nations, of course, as there is a lot of responsibility. 22)-It's not like I have a lot to lose in sending messages that way, and, what is more evil that could happen under this dictatorship, in part, death? Message given to many people anti filters idiots, but hoping that the filters to see it, I write these words now no longer effective: bomb, Allah, terrorism, gun. If too many taxes, too much bureaucracy, ordinary citizens diverted into their way of thinking and recognize that just as some evil and wrong ways of thinking and introduce, in the form that prevails more and more about the substance that passes the joy of living, removes the incentive and desire to do. The world order which in part also governs the world is destroying his own future with his own hands: yes, what a long time for sowing, this he will also reap and, in the end, people throw money down the windows, is, the maximum setback for today's bankers. Today, even a person of 65-70 years might be able to witness the collapse of the world system, similar to that of the Twin Towers always according to the plan of the bankers, policy and arms dealers and oil. But, it is really smart, intelligent and above, who is part of and supports this world order led by the international bankers? 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Daniel 2:44, Zephaniah 1:118 Revelation 19:19-21, Revelation 11: 18. When the UN Peace and Security cry reached, Jewish bankers, the five families, will be able to drink and swell of glory, perhaps, with some politicians and Masons at their side, after much speculation? Such glory could have a peak of 24 hours, then, to sink down to the level of the sea! Who deceives the people and ruin the land, he deceives himself and unknowingly throwing the ostracism of himself, he is destroying with his own hands, and this applies not only to the poisonous snakes of the caste to which the Italian world order. 23)-A small percentage of the world population who surfs the internet and/or studying the Bible correctly, is aware of the psychologies that govern the outgoing New World Order? They are in the minority, do not have test data and some authorities, in order to accuse the Jewish bankers in an international court, moreover, there is always the hope that these do not have absolute certainty about how the world is guided behind the scenes by level, which in practice, is the highest. 

5)-24)-The technical problems for the energy choice, essentially should be: the prevailing interests and wanting to sell at a certain price, the amount of energy that you can get in a given time, the cost to produce or also to derive it, and exploit it by nature, including sun, and then, counting the cost and maintenance of the instruments used ; pollution or not the good stuff or the exploitation or production of energy produces energy, the negative impact alleged on the economies and stability at the international level that serves as a filibuster to the correct choice which will not be "never" done on a large scale and total until the end, not to mention, (the increase in pollution from emerging countries that pollute more being more and less advanced systems with little anti-pollution regulations and also with lax absolutely not wanting to risk slowing down their growth to get as soon as possible on a par with other major industrialized countries), and other issues related to side energy: the U.S. and Russia still have enough oil, though, not so much, besides, USA, Russia and Mexico are rich mines of copper, nickel, silver, zinc and lead. With nickel and two other relatively inexpensive raw materials, we can produce nuclear energy and cold, in spite of that, there is so much talk through the media, scientists who promote it are not listened to and supported, this energy in high yield and may already be used on a large scale, giving as a waste product also pure copper. Being able to produce electricity by nuclear power cold you could also produce ultra-low-cost hydrogen for internal combustion engine by removing the engine that goes to boast petrol or diesel, also, and the oil and its derivatives could possibly still be used temporarily only to produce for lubricants and other. The energy would have a much lower cost and would be accessible to "all", but more importantly, would be eliminated smog and other forms of pollution. But, what are the obstructions. Multinational corporations, bankers and probably many governments prefer that the energy is sold at a high price even if it pollutes and is dangerous, oil and nuclear power plants, and that all the productive apparatus and the people they are employees. Some scientists "too dangerous" were made ​​to disappear, because, promote alternative energy sources that could easily cover the entire energy needs, or, at least, a good percentage. As a second obstruction may also be the fact that some countries such as Saudi Arabia angry depend on oil, and, if the demand for crude diminished drastically, the economy of these countries would suffer greatly, but, being a problem if you wanted to, could be solved being at the international level. Clearly, the U.S. and Russia do not want the spread of these energies, including the possibility of obtaining electricity from the ionosphere according as proposed by the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla really sincere, but prefer to put the economy on top of climate change and the damage that ' pollution ago that health is the nature of humanity itself. --- 1- should be five families, those of the Jewish international bankers who rule the world. How much power and have families at the head of the top multinational companies, I do not know, but even these rich people have a lot of power both on policy and on the whole system. 2-There are hacker very adept at the service of humanity that may violate military intelligence, the CIA and diplomacy mostly interest and capitalist, stop and immobilize potentially dangerous and ill-intentioned nations with nuclear arsenals, indifferent if stirred up by the bankers international or dangerous if only by themselves mainly because of their political and military leaders, etc, etc.. 3-The President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world but not at the top of the pyramid, and therefore, may act according to all that is done to know, but, not being his total knowledge and having too comply with the directive of the coming world order, a discourse that continues. With a 4-course program and as there is a visual acuity of at almost every computer, every computer can be violated even the most sophisticated mouse-aker. And then, even governments more or less powerful and/or evil, do not always have paper white or total privacy for their evil purposes or however often do not have. --- So good politicians like Barak Obama, certainly better than the Italians, but, in cahoots with the multinational oil and Jewish bankers, probably, being also the Freemasons, promote a policy: energy saving, alternative energy but covering a small requirement, the spread of harmful fine dust into the atmosphere to counter the rise of the climate, of course, being something that the media does not talk about it, locomotion systems, insulation and heating systems are much more efficient in some cities U.S. and in other countries, but the situation is not true that on the whole text, etc, etc.. But, around and around, the economy and new work and interests around the palliative safeguard the environment, is always first with respect to the environment and climate despite that allows us to live, to have energy and nourishment. Fine speeches by high-ranking leaders of the world, in fact, however, according to the designs demonic and against the will of God is, the environment and the climate should be in first place, not the economy, it is, fine speeches to convince and persuade the masses that being, in part, uninformed, ignorant and staying mostly to the alleged tacit consent, according as they say politicians according to their convenience, standing in silence give consent! Among other things, he cold not talking about nuclear energy through the media it through science fairs, even those who think of being well informed, could cultivate the doubt, but this is really cool nuclear energy as effective as some people say or maybe it is not so much because they do not we hear about almost never? Yes, because every aspect rehearsed to maneuver the opinion of all peoples, however, in due course the bad fruits will be harvested and immediately after the judgment of God at the appointed time will not be long. NOTE: The use of clean energy worldwide could unbalancing the wealth of Saudi Arabia and encourage a dangerous instability and war? If the great powers in the first place putting gravity into which the planet on which we live which sustains us, making a nice speech about table also show the importance of mutual trust and want to keep the promises but the importance of acting immediately with wisdom, the Arab countries and the major powers could address the issue and come to an agreement. Obviously, there are many other things that are not: the poor countries who are exploited and prevented from progressing and some of the same governments that are corrupt, etc, etc, all things that can not afford a real peace process man-made. NOTE: Pulling a conclusion about Obama's speech on the economy and climatic factors, but above all, for all interests and capitalist cliques and financial that we are under, just think of the protocol Chito: after so many years of all nations, always missing "one or two" are not able to agree to the reduction of greenhouse gas evening only 5% when it would have taken at least 70%, and, being well unless all nations in putting into practice that 5%, at least to set a good example and a supposedly small beginning illusory for the environment, but, no, not even that. Question, how is it that the Jewish international bankers are not aware about the Bible prophecies, God's judgment and being in contact with many Masons Satanists? The demons know very well that: The current nations are moving towards destruction and the fact that there will be a return to normal cycles as in the story. NOTE: But, it is true that nuclear energy cold you can derive little energy per unit of time? However, it was the progress of research in this area, if you wanted to and if the research had not been given resistance, but funding, ditto for the discovery of Nikola Tesla, for sure, today you might clean energy in large quantities for all the needs of nations is, it is not that you can not, but you never wanted and do not want to be part of the leaders and 90 pieces, of course! NOTE: If some powerful banks, lobbies and corporations, finance electoral campaigns of some candidates for president of the United States, and not only that, it's no wonder if some of the leaders who govern the world are obedient to the business world, of war and finance. NOTE: The international political dealmaker, warmongering and deceitful, dishonest and corrupt national policy especially in cahoots with the banks and the people who charge too much and the production system led many entrepreneurs to set up their factories abroad, by their bad example, can expect to have an international and/or national, entirely honest and guided only by the sound principles and moral values, and also with respect to the environment despite the often trivial penalties for such offenses? Yes, it is even more difficult, if not impossible. NOTE: Even some geniuses and scientists better and more motivated towards the good of humanity as Nicola Tesla, which  have helped change the world for the better benefit of all thanks to the possibility of new technologies often have been exploited, robbed of their genius and treated without respect by greedy entrepreneurs succubi only maximum profit. Next, the fact that some of the findings have not been applied, and the other has been misapplied to the detriment of the environment and our own health, it is a different matter but always with the greatest fault of the system and those who have continued to rule the world so eager to date. NOTE: The smog and pollution in general, more intensive agriculture with chemistry and without crop rotation, deforestation and its effects on climate even with acid rain, etc, etc, are factors that lead to more and more land to be unproductive. God could handle some events to bring the cry of peace and security at the appointed time, also, the great tribulation and hunger could also be scope for supervision of God, however, is largely dominating the man himself to his injury, today, are generally powerful and pieces 90 that govern the world according to the law of maximum profit and, although the results from a nature too tired and exploited, this support does not take long to nations especially for the few who want to get the maximum profit at the expense of the environment as a whole, of course, and, by their short-sighted view. NOTE: Although some nations and territories are exploited by other nations and live worse than the rest of the people in the world, the relative comfort in which part of the population living in the countries of the medium and the richest and most industrialized nations, thanks to the advancement of technology in various sectors, and the culture of consumerism that can make it appear to the consumer to be able to get what they want, some more affectively and services for the benefit and protection of the health of citizens, etc, etc, the international bankers are facilitated in showing the high powers of an evil system, as gentlemen in suits. On the other hand, even the army and air force of different nations often make useful services and aid to the population. (Humanitarian aid from other nations in the event of natural disasters is a positive aspect to the governments and peoples of other nations, however, this factor can help the greatest systems to appear honest). Yes, one thing right and praiseworthy humanly and politically speaking, but that along with a whole host of domestic and international situations, in part, cutlery dock, makes rulers, and to spare, and bankers from 90 of capitalism, yet easier to make appear the entire wicked system of things as a gentleman in a suit and tie. (The first power briefly and alien demons, they are actually from the beginning of human history, however, since they are the spiritual creatures, and therefore, in practice, politically speaking, the international bankers should be in essence the first power). Today, too many young people grow up without values ​​and are even more astray from consumerism, from having the phone, etc, etc, and therefore, a society which, in part, is preparing to be even more misguided and, although many people have gained some knowledge by surfing the net, but in many of them having acquired a true awareness on the changing scene of this world and increasingly turbulent society that is moving towards the great tribulation. NOTE: (This is reflected in the choices of suits, as well, of those relating to energy, of course): THE GENERAL POLICY, EVEN IF FOR MORE unconsciously, HAVE A CONTRACT WITH THE DEVIL WITH REGARD TO THEIR UNDERWEAR AND SITUATION AROUND THEM AND BEING DRUG ADDICTS HOW TO: LOSCHI AFFAIRS AND HAVING TO BE "ALL" CORRUPT AND NOT TO BE PUT AGAINST  CORRUPT FOR NOT TO BE REMOVED IN THE MIDDLE; PROPAGANDA IN DOING WITH SPEECHES AND MISLEADING mellifluous TARGETED TO MAKE THE MAJORITY OF CITIZENS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THEIR IDIOT THEIR INTERESTS; ALSO FEELING SAFE AND LADIES IN SPITE OF THE SO MUCH CORRUPTION AND POLITICAL SITUATION OF LIFE AND WORK AS IF IT WERE NORMAL AND APPEARING OF ALL NORMAL, SO AS TO SAY THAT THERE IS PROBLEM? Moreover, the majority of citizens do not know and the few who suspect they have the evidence, moreover, we have not protected with the many privacy laws tailored to us and made ​​by ourselves? And then, if we are protected as in a ball of steel, well cushioned inside, we can almost always turn justice in our favor, it is as if it were the bales of a pig. Politicians, managers, bankers, protected classes, spent in cahoots, they might think, or at least, many of them may: who can harass and condemn, so, we are untouchable! (In Italy, this is a very sensitive issue, but probably also exists in other countries and at the international level).  

6)-25)-FINAL NOTES: For them, it now seems easy, in fact, however, are not so illuminati-enlightened! I have not taken account of the possible collapse of the system for too much rebellion, etc, etc, it's program of Jehovah God, yes, although there are now abundant evidence, the illuminati-enlightened agents are "unaware" of Satan? Well, I made ​​them! The individual even if it formed large groups, it is not that it can change the world and change the course of the world stage, however, can take a stand for Jehovah God will soon put an end to this wicked system of things completely irrecoverable and beyond reform. Yes, their plan almost perfect, humanly and politically speaking, but almost! The world system led by the bankers, from multinationals and corrupt political, full of speculation, consumerism, selfishness, etc, etc, is bringing to the delirium of the great tribulation, including the hand of God, will result in the gradual coming unless the system and its total collapse, and the world stage escape him completely out of hand and capitalists will not be able to recover it. Yes, you are a slave of wealth or of God, or, you are a slave economy and the labor market or put primary emphasis on the protection of the environment and climate: with alternative energy palliative, I understand a small part of the energy needs, it is not can reverse climate change at the global level. NOTE: If you bring an ox gold and diamonds would refuse him just because you brought him a humble beast of burden? So it should be for the important truth that may well save your life and, although carried by people without a voice. (Yes, intelligence and brilliant mind more familiar south internet, may not be enough to fully understand these situations and lines of global domination, though, in some sense, and with more accurate data). NOTE: A power-sighted designed to last longer, should safeguard the future of both the earth from its fruit and resources and allows us to live, that the productive apparatus and peoples. But, what you do, you bankers at the top of the pyramid, when these things will be less and people will fall into chaos? Well your power behind the scenes will be less and paper money can only do fire to warm up the old, poor and rough way! Preliminary NOTE: But, one might argue, the pope will not tolerate individuals Francis pedophiles within the church! Although this pope had done it with conviction and sincerity of mind, however, is probably not being a friend of the church nor a true pope, it is a matter entirely superficial, a bit'as if it were a boat that floats south a sea at that point is at least 100 meters deep. NOTE: But, because the previous pope received a death threat and has stepped down? It was against pedophiles in the church or financial issues? The pope "good" Francis, who succeeded him, (yes, after this resignation, how to, unusual for a pope who usually ends his role or mandate to his death), it was once a thug. Then, Francis has done a bouncer in a seedy district of a city of Argentina, in addition, he is responsible for the deaths of about 9,000 people, and probably for some time is a Mason and in cahoots with the addiction and making it part, with the world order of international bankers: yes, all the Thessalians coincide and at that time there will be the false cry of world peace and security with the immediate ban of all false religions and expropriation of all their goods. A part of the loot could go right to the Jewish international bankers, and not only. A comparison analysis: behaved as the chief leader of Jerusalem in 66 AD when the Romans inexplicably withdrew? I give the generic sense, with arrogance and still thinking that Jerusalem was the city of God, he said, and Exterminate most can get behind! Then a Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, and when God put in the hearts of the rulers or governments today to destroy the harlot, ie, the world empire of false religion, the same thing will happen, yes, since the two events, a prophetic model. (A mason can hardly have repented of what he has done in the past, of course, everything can be, it is an enemy of the church at the head of the church). (Of course for the current Pope Francis, was a bouncer in a seedy neighborhood of a city in Argentina, however, some reports do not present them as certain. Anyway, there are several clues and coincidences that could confirm, for example, the previous pope was threatened with death probably for financial reasons and that is why it probably has resigned without finishing his assignment to natural death or otherwise). NOTE: That the smog in the cities and the greenhouse effect caused by the increase of carbon dioxide, and, beyond, the fine dust in part deliberately thrown into the atmosphere; nuclear waste can not be eliminated in sufficient safety are just three of the many problems which continue to grow in scale and with some that are added. However, only "one or two" that are almost permanently resolved with time. If you're thoughtful, if you have a good base of knowledge and understanding about the world scene and you already understand in general the logic of this political, commercial and religious, you can not get that impression at a hallucinating because that makes you assume the final collapse the whole system is, hence a little more forward in time. It'a matter of a few years, and probably, there may be a period of time much less than 30 years, even if it is wrong to express an expiration date, of course, there being billions of people in the game with still many who could be saved taking time position in favor of the true God (the speech is related, of course, the inability to achieve true peace and security if nature is put not more able to support us. But, how much weight loss world leaders and bankers that? and, what are the guilty people and aware of this, meaning the majority?)NOTE: the international bankers, so to speak, at the apex of the pyramid of power, (having made powerful league with other powers and pieces 90 and 80 of capitalism and, thanks to the policy that chooses to become corrupt at the expense of the sovereignty of the people it is supposed to represent, at least, as regards the democratic nations), presumably not may not know about some news, movies and photo circulating the internet and south, some of these might be launched by them, ie, secretly from behind the scenes! NOTE: At least one positive thing, despite the global system we live in, is that you can easily spread their ideas on the net, and later, in part by how many people the law and eventually makes its own benefit to themselves and people close to them. NOTE: (Anyway, knowing that there are supreme powers, (and even if there was a stronghold of the Jesuits or more), how they behave and what will be their fate, for me, if a little change at the head of these, there are only Jews and atheists, or Jesuits, Jews, Catholics, and maybe even some atheist, on the other hand none of these leaders businessmen interested in the things of God have no knowledge of God and his king established). A news south internet: "The Jesuits, the real masters of the world. Summary at a glance: On them and do not hear about the majority of people do not know them, but they punch in the world. Their men are at the top of the most important and powerful institutions on the planet, not only have in hand all the governments and the economic and financial institutions and the Vatican itself Bilderberg, the Trilateral Compani come from them, ie, the dark plots against the government only world, ie, the so-called "New World Order". A news reliable? False information by the international bankers at the apex of the pyramid as the primary power that the people do not understand who is the supreme enemy and leader of the world? M, if these businessmen Jesuits were also in possession of the Vatican, they would turn into total business men and power after the false cry of peace and security? (After this false cry, all false religions will be banned.) Must also consider that 50% of internet news south are false or otherwise, even if partly true, though misleading, moreover, such information can not help an individual read with understanding the scene of this world, and how soon it will end up with all these powers and the companies that are governed by them. The system has three fundamental powers: the politics or the kings of the earth, traveling merchants and the empire of false religion that has often been prostituted with both the policy and finance. The first power you know in what way. But, among the traders traveling there are: the international bankers, the IMF, central banks of nations, etc, etc, are being penny traders, large industries and corporations, lobbies of drugs, etc, etc. The prostitute, ie, the empire of false religion, has the power both to mislead the masses through the many cultures around false God, but also, as many of these religions of the powerful financial powers. These are the three fundamental powers and after the false cry of peace, the third will be deleted, and the other two, political and traders will lose way, way, more and more of their power and come to their complete destruction together with the whole of society misguided and turbulent. however,  returning to the Jesuits, that even Hitler was inspired by demons, he knew that the world would be dominated by a hidden enemy, the international bankers (Jews). The demons are well aware as the body representing the sovereign power here on earth, apart from the speech of their pivotal influence on people, in addition, they accurately inform their servants, as was Hitler, however, did not report on the most important, indeed, directing them south down the wrong path and in opposition to Jehovah God in conclusion, even if bad news was largely true, what would change? The Bilderberg and the Trilateral Compani exist? There are also international bankers, weapons industries, multinational corporations, the lobby of drugs, etc, etc,? At first glance, there are the kings of the earth or the current government, that instead of reflecting the will of the people, to the greatest, all are in cahoots with these powers of finance, industry and commerce? There are also various religious powers, including the Vatican is one or perhaps the richest of all time? If any part of these men are women, (who sleep with supreme powers joined together in a seemingly impregnable with more elements in cahoots), or they are Jesuits, what changes for the individual? The news south internet are like the winds that propel the waves of the seas in all directions, it is better to build a consciousness both on the national and international politics, as well as the progress of the world scene, for people to be stable and easier to view to mislead. Yes, on the internet there are to "uffete" means any news and great message on the internet, the media, politicians and acquaintances perhaps not well-informed and misguided, should be taken with the tongs, well evaluated and compared if inconsistent and, if necessary, asking the board to the proper authorities and that can inform or advise us well. Sometimes, having the right mental attitude and being willing to "lose" time to deepen and, of course, being at least a little humble, to go out by the idiocy and/or to understand the politics and international diplomacy, just talk who is not an idiot and that the situations are particularly familiar with the facets that suits both shades, and maybe having us worked well. (One must also understand the relationship and interplay between politics, prophecy concerning our age and religion which in part is also used, but which has become an accomplice). NOTE: Not a few have tried to change the world, but, some having been killed or died in unusual circumstances and generally getting poor performance is often limited to the territories. Later it gets worse go, the problems increase in number and some are intensified, reasonably speaking, it is not difficult to understand that this world system no longer has any hope, it's days are numbered. But, to save, do not just learn and connect, you should also act experiencing and putting into practice the truths contained in the Bible about our day.   

7)-Taking into account that the absolute and irrefutable truth, not an opinion, even if the two things sometimes can match or be almost similar to having a solid "straight-consciousness" about the international scene of this world, we must be able to study in the best manner possible and examine it in more simple parts, and as well, because they could see and examine it thoroughly under the most different angles, both individually, one by one, that concurrent partial and/or total suits the parties. In this way you can understand more understanding, discernment and insight, the whole of the entire international scene. But, as is, or identifies the source that provides you with a basic study or correct that puts you in a position to be able to do so self-paced? You have to find the solid foundation of primary truth about the universe (even understanding what it is and if the Cosmos is an inanimate object or entity, on how we came into existence, and for what possible reasons, if any, which will be our future, etc, etc. Obviously, to understand these and other aspects remained hidden for many centuries well as many great intellectuals, we must first construct a sufficiently comprehensive mosaic of so many truths, evidence and clues, and so, having the foundations of primary truths, the more, the mosaic of evidence, evidence and analysis to read them in the right way, and, knowing also broadly about the future of our age as well being able to be sure thanks to a study specific upstream, you also get to see with much more clarity and logic the whole scene of this world. Obviously, we must not fall into the trap of some false reasoning, for example, if one is dominated by the voice of authority as the most responsible, underestimate the fact that this can be dishonest and/or not so wise as officially appears, also, apart from that one might say in his heart, but if the great intellectuals, philosophers scientists have not been given an answer on some of these issues, much less can I do it. Among other things, the Bible warns to be careful not to be duped by empty speeches of men and philosophy. Yeah, a sort of "consciousness-straight", never to be driven here and there in various directions from, not all of them, however, from various reports appearing in the media and internet, a little as the change of the winds propel the waves in multiple directions around 360 °. NOTE: the mouse is never a trap for himself but man, despite having sent probes to Mars, if done their trap! For the man may well be easier to kill, being obsessed with the most profit at the time, that "give a piece of bread and teach to fish." Yes, possibly taking advantage as they could, but not working up to par, if possible and convenient at the time, the abuse of power. Additionally, if you give aid to help some to begin to work and be self-sufficient, not having the work culture and mutual respect, sell what thou hast given him to buy weapons, at least not long ago it was, but now it is? and, not to mention some corrupt governments of some countries poor situations probably frowned upon and maybe even favored, in part, in the past until now is that the bankers by the mafia and smugglers even though friends and business between them. Only 2% of the population owns more affluent well almost all the wealth, in addition, many soils rich in raw materials are right where they live populations particularly poor but who do not have access to these resources. Much more than 40% of arable land before today no longer produce, in addition, the fish fauna in many seas and decimated and in some areas also disappeared, not to mention, deforestation, pollution, melting ice and increased height of the seas, etc, etc. It is true that there are some eco-city and some small nations, in part, have changed course, having figured in their hearts that the respect for nature and beneficial to both parties, however, it is a minority that is not text. Moreover, that the overall level has been reached with respect to the nature of these few small nations? The situation of the scene of this world is very serious and it is now almost no return, a limit that will soon be overcome, and, if being later than 2015, since in any case the imminent end of this wicked system of things to the maximum of "20" years after the passing of this mathematical limit of no return according to the University Neptune. NOTE: One of the results of at in many nations, even at the hands of the international bankers, is that of too many taxes imposed by some government that are more and more oppressive, for example, as in Italy, where the pressure can come more from the government and/or by the majority. NOTE: Speaking of illuminati-enlightened, war-mongering and false-peace - I founded, I am referring to a title that many people attributed to him, even for the often misleading information and news received by the media or on the internet, and without having to know good or confused about which the enemy or gang of 90 pieces of capitalism at the top of the pyramid, which is probably at the highest level should be the 5 families of Jewish international bankers, in cahoots with: other minor bankers, with multinational companies, manufacturers and traders weapons, the drugs lobby, the powerful political leaders of the superpowers, the rest of the Masons and fish big and small as today's Papa Francesco and Mario Monti, etc, etc.. what will make him fall, the bankers and the Masons and the whole gang with the pieces from 90 of capitalism, it will be great tribulation, however, this will also have an impact on much of humanity, a little, as it has been for the fall and capitulation of Germany, and, until Hitler committed suicide in order not to give up and surrender to the Russians and Americans, but first, nobody was able to make it out to save so much ruin to Germany and, by extension, to other countries that suffered the war. NOTE: first message from a friend on Facebook, maybe, still with some vain hope if the relationship in this system and in this system. (Separately, Italy increasingly haunted by Masons, the first place in this post's international policy is part of a message seemingly ruthless, but, truthfully, at least in a general way and a safe way out) "I hope that will slip out of hand, however, I do not think much to the illuminati-enlightened, but to different groups (such as clubs Bilderbergh), very powerful, ranging from banks, multinational companies, financial companies, the Roman Catholic Church, the latter contributes a lot in keeping the masses scaring and deceiving them with world peace while the children civilians die under the bombs, which they themselves want along with the other murderers, Masons and secret societies, so as you see i give very strongly that there are more groups, the 5/6 families and there are certainly very influential as they are the owners of the banks in the world, but they have to have other support groups with other equally influential otherwise everything would fall in any case as soon as you have prepared your blog let me know, surely i will work in some way, but also to see the various posts on the subject, however, to finish, I hope so much that these Masons one day end up eliminated between them, at least, my baby will be a free man, a warm greeting. "on his second message: "hello Aldo, i fully agree with your ideas, by hook or by crook you know the pieces 90, then follow those 80 and so on, in the shape of a pyramid there are so many bands around who dominates us, we say they are the servants and laborers, the last is the people, our strength is only the union, and actually understand everything, but I believe that if the people do not reaches the absolute awareness, and respect for others will never be able to drop them, plus I think that instead of trying to make the big revolution and hopes that someone makes, it is necessary that the human being himself revolutions, without thinking of making revolution against these powers, however, very happy to read your thoughts, soon, a warm greeting. "But, the solid and true hope in this wicked system of things devoted to destruction, does not exist. anyway to finish it so I hope that these Masons a day end up eliminated between them, at least my baby will be a free man." but, in today's system, to be truly free, it is quite impossible, the Freemasons probably do not fear each other, but, will be the scene world, in part, created by themselves and their bosses that will make him suffer and succumb in addition, the destruction of the system involve either negatively or positively, for a few, all the inhabitants of the planet regardless of where they are at that time and which nation come, although, at the south pole or the highest mountain in Alaska or on an island forgotten and lost in the Pacific Ocean. According to by his message: "by hook or by crook you know the pieces 90, then follow those 80 and so on, in the shape of a pyramid there are so many bands around who dominates us, we say they are the servants and laborers, the last is the people, our strength is only the union, and actually understand it all, but I believe that if the people do not reach the absolute awareness, and respect for others will never be able to drop them, plus I think that instead of trying to make the big revolution and hopes that someone makes, it is necessary that the human being if revolutions himself, without thinking of making revolution against these powers." But, the true and solid hope not you may have and make your own with respect to this system of things  wicked devoted to destruction, it would be like to work in hopes of making a more beautiful ship in an hour and a half, at most, it will sink. NOTE: With the knowledge and understanding biblical, experience and wisdom gained most, a person can understand the enthusiasm and passion to change the world are things not to prosecute, and, although young, these objectives may become temporarily as the most important thing in life.   

8)-The mage and adapt to an individual without the customary home, however, looking for support from other people, the precious stones that allow them to live and that are also easy to carry. And perhaps, he presumes to overcome the collapse of the system, and while many will go hungry, thanks to gems he can always buy food? He wants to think that the collapse of the system will be of a financial nature but after you recover? In addition, it is convenient to think that God does not exist, because the lifestyle change involves effort? Indeed, being so skeptical and following the path apparently more comfortable to deny may be possessed if he felt the voices and seeing ghosts that is mostly transparent images of dead people? Yes, the situations and visions caused by demons even if the apparent good reason and the final outcome? These types of people skeptical and eccentric, some, devoted to one thing and that is that he likes to be his convenient (of course, that the trade of gems south internet was just an example), would do well to better assess which type of train took and, before it's too late! NOTE: The order of the bankers worldwide will lead to a greater control of the people, their financial movements, etc, etc, of course, that may not be able to impose a microchip inside the body to every inhabitant of the earth in all countries the world. NOTE: Fish, small, medium and large they are, to selfishness and quiet life will show all devotees and conform to a system devoted to destruction. NOTE: Some movies, like it or not, serve as propaganda in favor of the false peace process, for example, when some young people follow a training challenging to try to become a marine and/or pilot of the military plane or movies such as Rambo, 007, strength Delta or one of the main protagonist played by a former champion of caramel tea undefeated for seven years, etc, etc. The situation where individuals who are engaged at all costs and without distractions, try to reach seemingly noble objectives through the achievement of a number of craft very important, necessary and useful for the country if not for the whole world. Indeed, in the show more real and the right priorities to be achieved, it is shown that a state may be deficient in providing the equipment and weapons necessary for marine so that they can work well and at little risk as possible, however, being a dangerous profession, not to mention, good training that may be deficient in some respects. In fact, all this is vanity, in reality they risk their lives with their awards for a peace process and national security will fail with a home and often not even take care of wounded soldiers and, in part, the discourse on the money and the propaganda that could attract some young people to the profession of the military. (You are also encouraged to cheer for the protagonist or part of pursuing "right" goal): Some movies, like it or not, serve as propaganda in favor of the false peace process, for example, when some young people following a challenging training to try to become a marine and/or pilot of the military plane or movies such as Rambo, 007, Delta force, etc, etc. The situation where individuals who are engaged at all costs and without distractions, try to reach seemingly noble objectives through the achievement of a number of craft very important, necessary and useful for the country if not for the whole world. Indeed, in the show more real and the right priorities to be achieved, it is shown that a state may be deficient in providing the equipment and weapons necessary for marine so that they can work well and at little risk as possible, however, being a dangerous profession, not to mention, good training that may be deficient in some respects. In fact, all this is vanity, in reality they risk their lives with their awards for a peace process and national security will fail with a home and often not even take care of wounded soldiers and, in part, the discourse on the money and the propaganda that could attract some young people to the profession of the military. NOTE: Although still the U.S. and Russia can intervene militarily, however, the character of war has changed, especially on the part of the super powers, before the wars were mainly territorial, ethnic, etc, etc, but, today it is mainly a war for resources and commercial dominance, sometimes, being part of these three-"four" powers, above all on the hunt for business and convenient situations, most of the international matrix, although perhaps some of these giants may be more related to a nation or superpower in particular, (or in two or more states and areas of high capitalism as a very rich Hong Kong), and to other countries where they work. NOTE: John Kennedy, roughly, was killed for the same reason that Diana died in Paris, in fact, as the Pentagon and the military, a powerful and permanent high-level power that in some respects is higher than the himself the most powerful man in the world. John being a president not so much in favor of the war, most likely led military forces and the CIA, well-thinking, organized the conspiracy that has been fired from several points into account President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. Also, just as it happens to others who wanted to temporarily change the world for the better, an alleged insane as the culprit has been used as scapegoats, while the death of Diana in place of the crowds there was both drunk driver, (but, it was not that drunk before filmed by a camera that walked perfectly straight), that the curiosity and interest of the paparazzi exaggerated, but in fact, since it was an accident caused by two motorcyclists who dazzled the driver with flash magnesium for strong stun used by the military, having been commissioned to punish or kill Diana, so much so that the same two motorcyclists were revised, the driver of the white Fiat Uno, stop at the tunnel exit with one of them who has made a gesture to say that the mission had been accomplished. (The driver of the One he knew immediately that the accident was caused, but later, the investigators did not even want to go there to get an explanation, since they were all bought even relief, and probably. Even the same driver in the service of Diana, who then died or disappeared, bringing with them a large sum of money? and ' what about the bodyguard that you saved? She could not give a good witness? and ' was bought and shut up?) (Besides, if the paparazzi had chased aboard two motorcycles the machine on which Diana was traveling and whether the driver had been dazzled by the flash while driving at 150 km/h in a tunnel, and then, at a point of most dangerous road, the investigating authorities would not have to pursue and bring to justice those photographers, at least for manslaughter • All parts of the story reek of fish, and then, Diana wanted her dead being uncomfortable for both business and, perhaps, even to the fame of the crown ' England, although a formal realm of pseudo-democratic mold.) Returning to John, the interests of the Mafia in Cuba probably coincided with the military propaganda against communism, and perhaps could be John Kennedy was also uncomfortable with the mafia, however, the Mafia itself alone would not have been able to organize such a conspiracy, and more, maneuvers many side effects that have served to accompany your favorite favorable situation for the murder of the president both before and after the attack to cover up to hide the evidence, the more, ready the new president in accordance with the military. Probably, years later, when the truth of the conspiracy was at hand and the process was formally concluded on Kennedy's death, it is also possible that the jury may have been under pressure and bribes from these powerful military forces. The death of Diana, John, the Italian banker found under the bridge as if it were suicide, etc, etc, are typical deaths caused by the military in league with the Freemasons and secret agents. Today, thanks to the Internet, many are convinced that corporations rule the world by financing and buying the policy, but you should understand better what constitutes the whole gang that rules and dominates the world to his own detriment, as if the whole system is ill-treated, including the nature that sustains us, that is, the frog and the scorpion also destined to succumb being composed of: politics, traveling merchants (including, manufacturers of drugs and weapons lobbies of the international bankers), all false religions who deceive the people and speculating on them, they will fall for the first item after the false cry of peace, and, military commanders.  

9)-The Bible speaks of both the kings of the earth, the current government and traders traveling and the empire of false religion, however, in Revelation or Apocalypse 19: 19-21 are also mentioned military commanders, and these are the three-"four" main parts that govern the world, but in part covered by the screen and take advantage of the false democracy of the technology that makes life in many ways much easier and more comfortable to most people largely diverted generally too attached and immersed in the daily chores, do not realize the era in which we are living, is just like the days of Noah. In that, the true servants and worshipers of God, without doing extensive work in most of the studies and analysis on the policy in the presence of the Bible, they are guided by the faithful and discreet slave, the channel land that God uses in our time, and in crucial moments at the end of this wicked system of things, they will receive the right guidance at the right moments, just as it did for the Christian faithful in the period of time between 66-70 AD. Obviously, the actual time of the end involves the whole world and many contemporary issues and situations, and therefore, if the timing of some seem too long for the coming of the judgment, however, it is right that they are such. (Yes, actually there are many facets to this issue and one of the most unimaginable for those who have no knowledge and understanding of both the Bible and today's scene of this world). NOTE: Both the Vatican and those who rule from behind the scenes the greatest systems may proclaim the secret of church or state secrecy to try to cover up corruption, but, saying that the faithful do not yet have, (in fact, never), or prepared to receive the news that it is to be considered a state secret or top secret in the name of national security, and those who violate these secrets making them public would also be actionable. NOTE: (I do not believe you never, ever, that it was an accident): But, Diana, the Princess died in a normal accident or the accident was caused, perhaps, to teach him a lesson or get rid of them? (The story, which is also true with regard to a child Arabic, perhaps, was of secondary importance and, although the Crown of England still could still be racist and exploitative of the people in its deepest intimate, the nation advocate of many colonies but most of Apartheid, is a nation that behind the situation surrounded by nationalism and militarism and interest, has shown a willingness to anything, however, it was not the only one, although today, admittedly, from the point of view social and domestic policy England is much better in Italian politics). NOTE: In cahoots with the savage beast with two horns like a lamb, and with part of the gang of the three-"four" powers, two pieces of 90 weapons and war were just in Paris when Diana died, and probably have contacted and paid some Parisian authorities is to immediately cover up the case and so that Diana is not rescued as it should if it were still alive after the accident. A coincidence? I doubt it! DIANA HAD TO DIE especially because it was against advertising the sale of weapons, and those who do this, they set themselves against those who earn and speculate "legally" and illegally behind fake peace process and security, namely: the international bankers, and perhaps, not only that, the arms dealers, the Freemasons and/or politicians especially, USA-UK and (NATO). (The powers also tend to silence the true witness through the voice of authority, taking advantage of the tendency of people are often too busy to reflect on trust of appearance and voice. The alleged or actual competence in the field, honesty and often honourability doubtful of the experts, in this case, the politicians and the robes, they insist on the incident, but who knows what's really been under and that large sums of money may also be given to certain people were pivotal in that story. some could not hear about the death of Diana and which would have to behave in a certain way belonging to the crown? But, the important thing is the principle, that is, those who govern the world by promoting the fake peace process and security oily and greasy dirty business, they are willing to anything if necessary, at times, playing it like a suit and tie.) The false peace process, and therefore, the formal union of nations, being included also the anchor consisting of the European Union, belongs to the plan of Satan to divert more people from Christ, the prince of peace, and then, think about it, is that Diana Haider, and not only had projects not in harmony with this false hope of peace and security of human matrix but, under the dominion of Satan. If the two were aware of everything from behind the scenes, (ie, land of the illuminati-enlightened, international bankers, and, the illuminati-enlightened spiritual, Satan and demons), or, if they were not, who did not know what difference but Hitler as part of the second antichrist, in fact, has been protected from situations manipulated by Satan to the last, and as well, from an attack with the plastic explosive that led to the shooting that he wanted to save Germany from the "total" slaughter by killing Hitler. NOTE: Knowing that the instigators of the military were in cahoots with the bankers, manufacturers and arms dealers, little will change if the perpetrators of the murders or saboteurs to cause fatalities, were secret agents or the military. The situation frothy, with the enemy difficult to locate or as if there were but often the scapegoat, is a stronghold of the powerful clique of these traveling merchants, and, as it was for the murder of John Kennedy 's accident Diana and her subsequent death as to obscure, probably, it was also the incident of the same former governor of Carinthia Haider who was a candidate for prime minister to Austria. For example, agents of the CIA or the KGB should not be so difficult to tamper with the accelerator, tampering that goes running after a certain time or driving over a certain speed, by agents of the road it was reported that Haider was going to twice the speed than that permitted on the stretch of road where he was traveling. To conclude the argument, both the instigators and perpetrators of many of these killings may not ever be made ​​public, much less convicted, also, often, having been bought with large and generous amounts of money to various authorities to cooperate and remain silent. Yes, behind the scenes we are governed by often unscrupulous businessmen and the diabolical mind, yes, the same international bankers Jews being more refined, elegant in a suit and tie and well-disguised as a real big enemy, but in essence, quite similar to Hitler. Yes, if possible, to everyone who is uncomfortable, death tailor or silenced according to its circumstances and habits of life: it was an accident or committed suicide or killed it will have a neutral or a bad happened, at least, some large sum of money, not being a problem, and the case is closed! Yes, even those who know the truth about God and the role of the false prophet, and believe the accident may fall for it, of course, is likely to be a small minority. NOTE: The Freemasons, among them there are also some leading political figures, military commanders on the front lines and manufacturers and arms dealers and death, may be willing to do anything to encourage greater speculation and business to the whole gang of traveling merchants, and as well, to remove any obstructions and bad publicity to their interests and to suit the gang consists of: the kings of the earth, traveling merchants, false religions, and the military commanders and other soldiers with a stronger voice in this chapter. NOTE: It's almost unbelievable to think about it, about how Satan is able to dupe and instill the desire evil to the greatest military powers and the characters of prominent (among other things, not just the military is to kill the job and also with the taboo removed after the first demolished)by the mirage of maximum profit at the moment and then. As if to say: we produce many cutting-edge weapons? We need to sell them all and/or that the state uses for the war, so do not remain on deposit and we can fabricate other without any worries. Diana with her advertising was not the case at them, yes, we live in a world that now is not anymore, and yet, some people still think the maximum and immediate profit by producing and selling more and more advanced technology to destroy and kill, and as well, governments are willing to go ahead appartai immense military to train only in time of peace are very expensive and require a lot of energy consumption? Yes, it was even wanted, excellent as a pretext, the collapse of the Twin Towers with about 3,000 deaths, more, all that is achieved. NOTE: Interesting to note, is that a few years ago to honor the Queen of England has shown a superb Pine Ce, I always, a moment before it underwent the process pantomime, having been funded by the U.S.-UK military that government. The gesture made with honor to the former dictator war criminal was evident and showed him several times on the news, though, it may be that most people have not noticed, it being normal thing  the busy life and full of anxiety typical of our day. The incident occurred more than 10 years ago. Taking shortcuts on how they are treated uncomfortable governments though not the real enemies, the fact of having to invent the enemy through propaganda and bands to destabilize and bring down the communist governments or other they were uncomfortable, even if in fact peaceful, may become increasingly obvious to any thoughtful person with whom the spirit or attitude of mind is led diplomacy and international politics. It'obvious that the peace process is doomed to fail and that the consequences will be truly tragic considering the whole and, in particular, how the land is managed by the man, even if humanity is led by a few individuals without scruples who have the power to sunlight and/or behind the scenes. Connect the details, some of which even if small, and the events occurring in the course of time, things that you have seen, if not in person, anyway, thanks to the media, and at times, because the news can be transmitted with shades misleading, but the events were, however, being the real facts. NOTE: With the advent of the European Union many geographical boundaries between nations are opened, and, say the same for the states that are separated from the former Soviet Union. In some respects the freedom of individuals decreases, in some countries cross with the car seems to be more free, in fact, is being a fake peace process and security of the capitalist mold and transfer. NOTE: The Freemasons as mountains or that there are not so large Italian cities like Trieste? Generally they are small fish! Punishing the biggest fish, ie, the same bankers so-called illuminati-enlightened, perhaps, how can today's difficulties reported and compared to that of the 40s, perhaps, more or less correspond to kill Hitler before April 1945. But, then, in addition to the international Jewish bankers, there's the whole chain of evil capitalists and warmongers, probably, like the Mafia, will be the situation of the great tribulation and the system crumbles, to make him lose power and fall. NOTE: Favoritism banks generally "always" ok though hunger and poverty for the people. But after that, capitalists, even the whole economy (production, supply and demand), suffers, and you pieces 90, inclusive.   

10)-For the most part, being the great nations run "democratic" if governments and political majority faithfully represent the sovereignty and will of the people, the world would be ruled by the people at the international level, in fact, however, corrupting representatives because of their money and power, are the pieces 90 and 80 of capitalism to rule the world, while the people are mostly slaves and consumers. Yes, a reality almost diametrically opposed to the theory. (Experts in psychology and propaganda to mislead the masses and having many employees at their service): The few richest families in the world and the few men with lots of money, experience in maneuvering behind the scenes and gained more power behind the scenes, able to dupe and manipulate all the peoples of the world, and the minority who is aware of and to become aware of this, despite having learned to reason and discern no longer be so deceiving, however, having to undergo this imperialist globalization. But, those who take a stand and trust God will pass over, and perhaps without even having to die, he, being the time is ripe. NOTE: Just before or shortly after the cry, there might be more formal union from the point of view on the part of individual states and coalitions of nations to political union and similar culture, for example, in Turkey despite being an Islamic country that unites all ' European Union and with representatives from past views similar to those of Marcello Pera well satisfied with this event, in addition, cessation of conflicts in trouble spots before the eyes of all of Israel as Palestine and Arabia, and angry, and resolved no longer in conflict or to Middle Eastern countries with much oil and other situations of lesser importance, but, by and see portend a greater relative stability in the world, perhaps, too sudden burst, yes, a bit'as it was before 1914. NOTE: If after the cry of peace and security, and during the short elimination of all false religions, the fields will produce less and nothing, not only for all the mistakes and selfishness over time by humans, but also for God's direct intervention in beginning to gradually bring judgment on this system until the climax with the destruction of the remaining sudden, I do not know. NOTE: The Mafia and the big drug dealers must be fought by many governments, must have shown a degree of legality, however, to a certain extent, so that the policy can continue to do some business and convenient to have some votes in and even more favor from the Mafia. Remembering a few episodes of the story, to land in Sicily in the 40s, Americans have contacted the mobsters also decades later in America tried to topple a communist government, headed by Fidel Castro, and regarded as an enemy, even to support the families of the American Mafia in Cuba, not to mention, many of the business between the Mafia and Italian governments that have followed. (And this despite the fact that the Masons are mostly enemy mafia). NOTE: The intervener but short-lived world order established by the international bankers, from 90-80 pieces of capitalism, finance and average bank (by arms manufacturers, from the lobby of the drugs), they want as much as possible to spread gradually in various nations a police state and control at the level information (for an apparent safety, but obviously more people wanting to get used to this), also in this context, so do many of the financiers. Most of the 90 pieces of this whole gang are Masons, and therefore, they should all be in agreement about what to do. Yes, all this high power, are traveling merchants as described in the Bible in the prophecies of the book of Revelation about our days. (To understand a deep and serious conversation we may want time and effort, but it could really be worth it). NOTE: The intervener but short-lived world order established by the international bankers, from 90-80 pieces of capitalism, finance and average bank (by arms manufacturers, from the lobby of the drugs), they want as much as possible to spread gradually in various nations a police state and control at the level information (for an apparent safety, but obviously more people wanting to get used to this), also in this context, so do many of the financiers. Most of the 90 pieces of this whole gang are Masons, and therefore, they should all be in agreement about what to do. Yes, all this high power, are traveling merchants as described in the Bible in the prophecies of the book of Revelation about our days.  

11)-Several people are now aware that the policy and finance at an international level gives top priority to the interests, however, the "illuminati-enlightened" need to know that the majority of people are at the mercy of all the news that come from the media and from internet, but also, that the few who may have acquired a conscience, straight and true understanding on diplomacy and international politics, even if they can not be certain about the veracity or falsity of various reports, however, are not heard by the majority and even by many their friends and acquaintances. Yes, in a jacket and tie with the appearance of being honorable, but, if you look at it with the magnifying glass you realize that is overseen by evil men, "and perhaps" (having corrupt these very successful and good, some of which also killed), as well as the dark forces. Yes, a wicked system of things with his days are numbered! NOTE: Compared to the eighteenth century, Freemasonry is today probably the most well-disguised, but if someone does not want to believe, about his business. (I know of a few that I ARRANGE on a personal level, and yet, I have two friends, DN and DD, which I personally know two Masons who live in Trieste.) The Freemasons are a kind of agents that aim to foster speculation for traders traveling including, the international bankers are at the highest level, and among these there are also Masons important political figures. NOTE: The technology, the so-called democracy in many countries and globalization, may have favored the emergence and strengthening of these merchants traveling so large, and probably, Jehovah God has also taken account of these factors to and during the time of the end of his time in the calculation set out to bring the review of this wicked system of things. But, for the individual or for the family, it is important to take a stand in favor of Jehovah God before the expiration of the time, ie, before the cry of peace and security and/or prior to the banning of suits false religions. Probably, in the course of the struggle universal, God allows, to a certain extent, Satan and his collaborators to have access to all the tools that have been created over the course of the story being false religions made ​​by men and opportunists believe in the spirit of Satan, and therefore, these being the tools that Satan as an opponent and rebellious to God uses to mislead mankind. But, who allows God to give you a good answer on his behalf in giving Satan a liar, can obtain salvation surviving the destruction of this wicked system of things, but even then it is not finished the course in order to obtain life eternal, however, being passed a tough test: Matthew 24:21-23. But, why this long route to get eternal life? To be solved, the universal strife between Jehovah and Satan made ​​perfect humanity, the same level as Adam and Eve, he shall surely be put to the test by Satan and demons at the end of the millennium, however, there may be a test without having to suffer but that will play the love of each individual. (An observation that a non-expert on the Bible could hardly be done, however, I have exposed the same, you, as there is more than one reason for doing it). Of course, as the anointed with the heavenly hope receive immortality in the twinkling of an eye after only a short period of trial as men to become immediately, or after a wait is not perceived, spiritual creatures, it may take a lot of humility and love God in agreeing to make the long journey before you can obtain eternal life here on earth, however, life will be very beautiful and satisfying for both the angels and for the land. NOTE: As John Kennedy said about the fact that if people knew that the system is behind it, it would immediately burst revolution, in a similar way, if these writings, my and possibly other people (on international politics and prophecy Bible), they become popular and many people had realized how they are governed the greatest systems, these writings could be as one of many pieces for the beginning of the great tribulation, or, as a beginning of a chain of events and situations that would soon become one of the many pieces in support and greater knowledge of the historical legacy from behind the scenes, so sawing, (along with all the historical context of the time, most, pushing the already possible by God in the same direction), the beginning of the great tribulation, ie, when after the false cry of peace, and the banishment of religion, the majority of the people of the people could get in complete disagreement and rebellion against the governments corrupt and in cahoots with traders traveling, automatic scoring in a drastic drop of the entire workforce and the whole production system, in part, as a protest action against the three-"four", minus one, supreme powers that govern the world. While the savage beast with two horns like a lamb, named in the singular with all the kings of the earth in the book of Revelation, which the beast being the false prophet, would have done more text on international politics in the end time, corresponds to the Anglo-American power backed by NATO countries, is a superpower that speaks as a dragon, see its current foreign policy, but made ​​up of two democracies ie two governments seemingly meek ​​regard to domestic policy. NOTE: A system that speaks of peace by investing in the war by selling weapons on reconstruction and exploitation of the rich soils of poor nations made ​​"slaves" from the economic point of view, oppressive governments slaves to the banks, the low average citizen, bring away almost everything by fees and various taxes and bureaucracies, the nature that in many respects there is no longer support the current system, etc, etc, is a wicked system of things that can only promise vain things and short duration. Trust, invest and seek the things that gives this system that in some respects appears in a suit and tie, today, being towards the end of the last days, it is not wise, but foolish, having God also promised eternal life to those who obey him and loves him, however, to each his own choice, and, regardless of the pressures and constraints to which all, in various sizes, we are subjected in this world ruled by Satan.   

Chapter 2: Prophecies of Daniel: 12 

12)-In the prophecy of Daniel, I make sense not the exact words, when it comes to so many people who read the prophecy sealed for so long and the fact that knowledge would become abundant, and many have made the slide, it was predicted today's situation in which modern media, globalization, various technologies and the press, would have favored the dissemination of news and information of various types. The question is: have the foresight to seize them and use them making wise use. Yes, the knowledge would increase to its zenith during our time! NOTE hypothesis and, of 12/11/2012, the prophecies of Daniel concerning the succession of some of the most important wars in history have occurred between powerful nations that have fulfilled the role of the king of the south against the king of the north. NOTE: From a careful analysis of this prophetic book of divine inspiration, it is clear that the penultimate king of the south against the penultimate king of the north, respectively, were: the  angloamerican power against the former Soviet Union since the end of World War II up to 80 years and the collapse of the Berlin Wall. So, it was, above all, the Cold War, of power games and competition on the highest technology, but not of the usual war between nations for territory, if not, for funding of foreign wars, hegemony and control of certain territories and of resources. note: but, "who" or antagonistic nations, could play the role of the last king of the south and north? It could especially be a trade war with the capitalist mold, not so much, or not at all, kind of conventional military with the usual bloodshed for the sake of, territory, ethnic divisions, etc, etc. The last two antagonists could be: as the last king of the north, the US- UK, perhaps allied with Europe, NATO countries were in the EU, and, as the last king of the south, could prove to be China through its capitalism dirty and harmful to your health but the most competitive prices, plus possibly even Russia. Probably at the end of the two kings, more than other BORN ANCTIONS, will join in a mumble lie around a round table, the cry of peace and security which will be officially cried through the United Nations, or image is representative of the 2 kings of many or all other nations. (However, one or more Islamic countries could fill the role of the last king of the south against the king of the north of the capitalist matrix, the so-called democratic? However, it is known that Islamic extremists are in cahoots with the British neo- colonialism and the American CIA.) PLEASE NOTE: the analysis and predictions that I have set out in my blog I made and/or given by: a study of the Bible and correct and accurate after acquiring the right knowledge and understanding to make more or good reasoning even less about politics and being more inclined to interpersonal intelligence, moreover, getting different information from the internet, from people I know, as well, by a former party leader and others who are very familiar with the policy worked to having us the highest levels, and thus being able to have a certain consciousness and reasoning in my pretty well-established policy and also being less likely to deceive me by endless  propaganda for duped us by poisonous snakes, even more so being able to easily sift, discard and comparing all the information that I get is from the internet and the media, or simply talking to people. I do not consider myself infallible knowing he could be wrong about the details and some predictions, however, for situations basic and most important about the present and future of international politics and as a general view of the scene of this world, I should not have been wrong, between the ' another, having had a good and reliable teaching from the true faithful and discreet slave, the channel through which God imparts healthy spiritual food to all true Christians, sympathizers and interested in the truth, (plus other knowledge and experience, but maybe not so much determinants on my reasoning on the policy). Obviously, having tried as much as possible, not to make reasoning biased.

Chapter 3: The faithful and discreet slave: 13

13)-New updates and more in-depth understandings: Although anointed with the heavenly hope there are always vulgar, and had been from 33 up to Armageddon, an event still future, the faithful and discreet slave was just established in 1919 by the members of the body Steering and from that moment they had been given the task of bestowing spiritual food at the time at all the servants, from 1919 until 1935 for the most part with the hope of heaven, but from 1935 onwards a growing number of people with an earthly hope, and then, the slave consists of a few who provide the many. But, the slave will be delivered to all assets of the Christ only after Armageddon, ie at the beginning of the millennial reign, of course, not only to members of the former governing body ground but to all the 144,000 will be shared the kingdom and priesthood of Christ. In the 1st century apostles who constituted the governing body did not need to be identified, then being supported by God with mighty works, and therefore, it is clear their role. This slave consists of a few people received a warning not to become a slave to evil, of course this will not happen but some individuals, as is well known among those who acquire more solid spiritual food, they have apostatized. NOTE: There is a chronological calculation of 2520 years which leads to an action of King Nebuchadnezzar until the autumn of 1014, the beginning of the end time or the last days of this system, plus, a composite sign of the many events and situations in the world that occur simultaneously and in an unmistakable way, for those who are of sound mind, of course. NOTE: (Who shoots precise dates, in fact, is a false prophet according to the will of Satan or sudden burst): The generation that is about to expire, probably made ​​up of people approved by God, can understand the time period between the first and the Second World War, in addition, there must be a compensation in the poorest countries who were disadvantaged with regard to the teaching and preaching of the good news, in addition to the speech of the point of no return to the earth's surface in maintaining the various forms of life due to mismanagement by man, and, etc, etc.. NOTE: Before the slave and the channel might be made manifest, and after a suitable period of testing and screening, Bible students showed particular sincerity of heart by selfless capitalist profits and open-mindedness, and yet, different religions and studying the Bible more groups Religious realized in 1914 that would have ended the times of the Gentiles. NOTE: (material and spiritual food given through a few): If the two fish and five loaves of bread at the request of Jehovah Jesus fed 5,000 men plus many women and children, was probably brought little to each group formed according to Jesus' advice and later as the people took the loaves and fishes multiplied miraculously, for the most part can be happened, as in another case happened centuries ago in the home of a well-arranged and hosted a prophet at home God This event could also be a model and a prophetic teaching to his servants, prominent land that would have been given spiritual food by means of a few, and then, along with all the work but always with another spiritual food always given from the group of the apostles, and today by the faithful and discreet slave, the governing body. (The eight people in today's faithful and discreet slave, for sure, are not as many of today's and past rulers of the earth for the most part under the dominion of Satan but allowed by God to allow a certain order, etc, etc,). NOTE: The generation of which Jesus spoke, which would hardly be gone before they happened all the things concerning the last days until after Armageddon and the Apocalypse, would arise that need to be considered: the generation of all the people already living in the 1014, today nearly one hundred years, the first and the second world war, so to speak, war twins and one connected to the other, and therefore, the timing of expiration could go, so to speak (but not to do dates), from 2014 to 2045, however, the generation under consideration or which Jesus meant when he spoke, he could refer to the greasy and/or a group of anointed ones make up the governing body that is the group constituting the faithful and discreet slave who was made manifest in 1919 and considering that large-scale collection of anointed ones should be finished in 1935. A reasonable date, perhaps, could go around the corner from 2014 until 1919 or 1935 or at most until 2045, which is not very likely? In addition, since some can live up to 100 years or so, it's fair to count aged 80 years and 100 also seen that it is the collection of desirable things and as far as possible from all the nations of the world including the poorest countries, (and therefore, under the aspect of spreading the good news less advantaged, though, because the more advantaged is not an abundance of entertainment, materialism and various things including ambitions that can lure • The date of total capitulation of the entire wicked system of things might reasonably be around 1935? However, this capitulation by the four winds may occur much earlier in 2035. NOTICE: the generation that is about to expire, probably made ​​up of people approved by God, can understand the time period between the first and the second world war, also there must be a clearing in the poorest countries who were disadvantaged with regard to the teaching and preaching of the good news, in addition to the speech of the point of no return to the earth's surface in maintaining the various forms of life due to mismanagement on the part of ' man, and, etc, etc.. NOTE: 144000 kings and priests (all anointed with the heavenly hope including those few who have formed the group of the apostles in the 1st century and the slave group from 1919 until the eve of millennial kingdom), plus, Jesus Christ himself as an archangel. This group will rule from heaven to earth in full after the final fulfillment of Daniel 2: 44, the first performance took place in 1914 and the second during and/or at the end of Revelation, God's judgment on the wicked nations, comprising: from the wicked sky, the existing human governments, and, the turbulent seas, the current human society worldwide. NOTE: What about 21/12/2012? on principle as old as the cuckoo, it was a cry "wolf, wolf"! the few educated and with the right understanding of the truth about God generally does not falter it is misguided. skeptics, if anything, become even more skeptics and believers miss the resulting even more confused and/or inclined toward skepticism, having been so many predictions from "buzz" on the end of the world. Eventually, these two groups led astray, skeptics and believers miss, will be caught off guard and unprepared when it is really "the wolf", sometimes, it will be in a form and unexpected ways. Acquire a good conscience on politics, for example, having had contact with Lobby Popular for Italy, you can get a promise of uncertain realization being mostly stupid people Moreover, even if that promise goes ahead and were maintained honest, first, the system is too rotten to be healed, but then, the whole political and economic system in the world has its days numbered, and now, in this system of evil things there is also Italy. having said that, those who take a position and trusting in Jehovah God, discovering and recognizing well who the real "faithful and discreet slave", while living in this present wicked system, despite not having secured wealth, the same should not worry too much about the daily bread, and the necessary means of subsistence knowing that he will constantly, and without ever having the need to ask for charity. as one who works honestly and, although the situation spiritual congregations in their town was a little lacking and too reserved, the same can be confident that he will receive generously from their fellow believers in case of need. and then, being able to live relatively peaceful and serene despite the difficult and turbulent times in which we are experiencing and that, not rare, they tend to exaggerate and make us go crazy, however, be balanced and in good pleasure of God, is not easy. NOTE: Both the faithful and discreet slave that true Christians groups as a whole, are people trying at all costs to save people as possible that are still part of the world, including sympathizers to the truth and the same fellow believers. groups are part of a one true religion, here on earth, which was approved by God and who loves him just like him, God wants to be worshiped, are composed essentially of three groups: the governing body which is the faithful and discreet slave of the maximum number of 12 people, anointed with the heavenly hope and among these there are also those of the governing body, and the other sheep of the flock larger, ie, the large crowd who hope to survive the Apocalypse and live forever on earth. FINAL NOTE: by analysis of political situations is that of prophetic and spiritual well as with new understandings, if you understand something in advance of the food at the time by the faithful and discreet slave, and after that, the spiritual food and/or events, confirm they these analyzes, predictions and intentions, not we should be overcome by pride and/or the discontent of the form that do not like  God, since everything would much apparent disadvantage that little profit. Moreover, it is thanks to the slave and to the word of God, the Bible, that you had the knowledge and understanding of the truth choir!"  
If the argument or part of it you liked and interested, to keep it, you can also copy and paste it on your computer and spread by word of mouth. I recovered fail with whom I made my blog and that in early July 2013 I deleted. I think I'll put only the most essential things big, the secondary and/or post in normal font, in very small font arguments and less relevant phrases and topics vary, but, in cases remote, giving it to friends or only on request really interested. To those interested, we could also do: copy and paste on your computer and also enlarging the small and/or trying with: Modified: search and replace or located. NOTE: You should always try to be as truthful as possible and also well-informed in writing some small details of events more or less important, however, to find out everything you lose too much time, and therefore, it may be better to be more generic or refrain from describing some things if you do not know well. A small mistake or wrong information can give everything to discredit a treaty, even if true and well done overall and together. NOTE: Either something happens or does not happen at all, if the interest to read 3 blogs existed, albeit with meditation, and so on, could exist even word of mouth. Whatever the case, but what if an accident should happen and my blog deleted or blew up a server in Virginia? The chances are very remote, since no one told me "not to sit and/or to the lower right," I am not having any say in it authority, also, since there are no references to how to search for certain characters of the charges against them there being mentioned specific names of tests and that poterebbero be used against individual Masons and the military, or with which they, rather than sue, they might decide to kill me. However, the arguments, all the analyzes with the various references, etc, etc, if they were well made and connected to each other and to other concepts may help other ordinary people, though far too busy in their daily chores and their work, to think and to reflect in order to more fully understand how, most likely, they think and act the chief powers who rule from behind the scenes the whole world system. A system that would look like a gentleman in a suit and tie, but, in fact, being at as evil and ruthless, especially, as many times as there are the interests of the middle, and therefore, the importance for the common person to take position in favor of God before time runs out. Iff anyone is interested in the whole matter as a whole, for example, that concerning the illuminati-enlightened and the three-"four" powers that rule the world, he may, nevertheless, make a copy of the entire blog on his computer, and in the unlikely event that this disappeared from the network, you may republish south another blog, and, like him, also many other people so that more people can become aware of the truth, at least in general with regard to the maximum systems that govern the greater the scene of this world. Of course, to read and understand a serious subject, deep and with some difficulty, it takes time and effort, however, the readings being more superficial and hasty, especially south internet and the media, no help, and, if anything, misleading and/or untrue. For the post: "Politics smart to Giulio Andreotti, spiritual, and miscellaneous topics", "Movement of People's Lobby and functionalist, spiritual, and miscellaneous topics." end "Miscellaneous topics and psychiatry", see the next post writen into italian.
After the 12/24/2013 

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